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Slices of toast topped with lobster, topped with a crispy kale chip and flower petals. They sit on a wooden plate.
Overhead of white plates on a textured white background. From left to right, in the left top is a small bowl of ice cream, next to it large bowl of purple potato soup cut off, next to it a plate of yellow heirloom tomatoes, and a small bowl of a green tortellini. At the bottom left, is orange salmon and next to it is a red bison tenderloin with cherries three ways
Close up of melon soup & panna cotta in a small white bowl on a wood plank

Our Story

Our company grew from its humble beginnings in 1996 as a simple casual catering company when Ingrid interviewed and hired Cade as the executive chef. As it turns out, she was interviewing for two positions: chef and husband! They quickly started dating about three weeks later and married three years later. But enough about the sappy stuff!

Cade & Ingrid quickly realized they had a passion for high-caliber events and sought to surround themselves with like-minded individuals to complement the team. The company grew rapidly, but they never veered from what was important: great food, professional yet approachable service, and spectacular presentation. Their aim was never to be the biggest caterer. Instead, they aimed to be the best.

Their passion for creativity and innovation led to the decor division, which highlights everything beautiful in an event, including soft seating, floral accents, detail enhancements, and design. When this division launched, the company could now provide a unique service to their clients by integrating fantastic food in a curated environment.

We have put our stake in the ground that we are passionate about creativity. Every menu and look is carefully curated to ensure our events are unique to our clients. Our hallmark: we are constantly creative, and experiences are always reimagined. You won’t find another company that can create such customized experiences.

Many years later, as Ingrid & Cade reflect on the company’s history, they attribute the growth to the team that works with them tirelessly, day in and day out. Everyone that works for the company has a passion for the industry. Without this team, creativity and culture wouldn’t be possible.

Passion and Purpose

Dedicated to making people happy through creativity and collaboration.


Constantly creative experiences reimagined.

2023 Awards

CATIES: Best Appetizer

CATIES: Best Catered Wedding

CATIES: Best Action Station

2022 Awards

CATIES: Best Catered Event

CATIES: Best Food or Beverage Trend Incorporation

2021 Awards

CATIES: Best Catered Wedding

2020 Awards

CATIES: Best Caterer of the Year

CATIES: Best Catered Event

2019 Awards

Colorado Meeting & Events: Best Caterer ILEA

Colorado Meeting & Events: Best Catered Event

Colorado Meeting & Events: SimplyDenver Mac & Cheese Festival

Colorado Meeting & Events: Judge’s Choice

2018 Awards

ILEA ESPRIT Award: Best Culinary Innovation – The Kitchen Community, Living Salad

ILEA Denver IDEAs Award: Best Culinary Innovation – The Kitchen Community, Living Salad

ILEA Denver IDEAs Award: Best Catered Event – The Kitchen Community

Colorado Meetings and Events 2018 Best Of: Best Caterer in Denver Metro – Catering by Design

International Caterers Association CATIE Award: Signature Caterer for Best Multi-Day Event – Camp Eclipse

2017 Awards

IILEA ESPRIT Award: Best Catered Event – BASH20

NACE One Award: Best Off-Premise Event ($50-$100K)

ILEA Denver IDEAs Award: Best Catered Event – BASH20

ILEA Denver IDEAs Award: Best Culinary Innovation – Jerky Wall

NACE Greater Denver Chapter: Caterer of the Year – Catering by Design

See a full list of our awards and recognition here.


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