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Close up of 6 wine glasses to the right cut off. The 2 glasses on the left have rose wine, the middle 2 have some sort of white and the wine glasses to the right are red.
A grey pergola on a stone patio, white table tops with white barstool chairs and a red barn in the background with lots of trees and greenery.
2 long wooden table connected with metal chairs surrounding it with white towels with a red stripe down the towel. On top of the tables are vibrants flowers, whole vegetables, and glasses. Ahead of the table is a wood and chalkboard sign with the text "The Best Things in Life are Meant To Be Shared".

Our Partners

It’s true what they say -it takes a village. From the planners’ detailed timeline and valet’s logistical mastery to the perfectly-poured Manhattan and exciting entertainment, an event’s success hinges upon a team of experts. Catering by Design is proud to partner with this impressive list of Colorado’s finest industry specialists.

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